How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for a 1,500 Sq Ft House?

You need a different number of solar panels based on the square footage of your home.

The average home in the United States is around 1,500 square feet. According to our research, a 1,500 square foot home requires 15 to 20 solar panels, or a 4kw to 6kw system. 

Find out everything you need to know about the number of solar panels required for a 1,500 square foot house today. 

The Average 1,500 Square Foot Home Needs 15 to 20 Solar Panels

The average home in the United States is approximately 1,500 square feet.

If your home is roughly average, then you need to install 15 to 20 solar panels to meet the electricity needs of your home.

However, the number of solar panels you need varies based on electricity consumption, sunlight exposure, location and latitude, and other factors.

Check your utility bill and consider your average monthly consumption over the past year. Then, consider your location. Homes in the southern United States generally produce more electricity from solar panels than homes in the northern parts of the country. 

After considering your average usage and number of sunlight hours, you can determine the number of solar panels you need.

How to Calculate the Optimal Number of Solar Panels for your Home

To calculate the optimal number of solar panels for your home, consider the following:

  1. Check your last 12 utility bills. Add up your total monthly energy usage. Then, divide by 12. This is the average amount of energy you use each month.
  2. Divide your home’s average monthly energy usage (the number you just calculated in step 1) by 30 to get your average daily energy usage. Then, divide by 24 to get the average hourly usage. 
  3. Next, consider the number of peak sunlight hours for your home. Your solar panels only produce energy when the sun directly shines onto them. The longer your panels are in direct sunlight, the more energy your panels produce.
  4. Multiply your home’s hourly energy usage (as calculated in step 2) by the number of peak sunlight hours your solar panels receive. Then, divide that number by solar panel wattage. High-end solar panels have a higher wattage than cheaper brands. Use both numbers to find your approximate energy range. This is the number of panels you need to meet your home’s energy consumption.

Generally, the average home needs 15 to 20 solar panels to cover its daily electricity needs, or a 4kw to 6kw system. 

Some homeowners buy solar panels to cover all energy usage needs completely. Others buy solar panels to reduce their utility bills and partially cover their energy usage. 

Estimated Cost of Solar Panels for a 1,500 Square Foot House

If you’re buying solar panels for a 1,500 square foot house, then you can expect to pay around $14,500, according to our research. 

The larger your home is, the more you’ll spend on solar panels. A 4,500 square foot home may require a 15kw system costing over $35,000, for example.

Your solar panel purchase includes multiple costs, including installation, hardware, permitting, HOA approval (if applicable), and more. You also need to pay for things like a racking and balance system and an inverter – both of which are separate from panels.

Types of Solar Panel Systems for a 1,500 Square Foot House

Your solar panel needs vary based on the solar panels you install on your house. You may have a grid-tied system with or without a battery. Or, you could have an off-grid system. 

Grid-Tied System: A grid-tied system is connected to your local utility grid. You can continue to use electricity from the grid as needed – say, if your solar panels haven’t produced enough energy. These systems are the most affordable because they require fewer solar panels. Even if you don’t have enough solar panels to power your home at certain times, you can borrow energy from the grid.  

Grid-Tied System with Battery: Grid-tied systems with batteries are also connected to the electricity grid, but you also have a battery bank to store added power. Your solar panels draw energy and store it. Then, you can use that energy or draw it from the grid as required. These systems are more expensive than systems without batteries.  

Off-Grid Systems: Off-grid systems are disconnected from the power grid and need to meet all of your electricity needs. You don’t have the luxury of borrowing money from the grid when your solar panels aren’t producing. That means you need a larger number of solar panels and a high-capacity battery, allowing you to produce energy and store it to keep your home running. These systems can be expensive, but they allow you to avoid using the electricity grid completely. 

Other Factors Impacting the Cost and Number of Solar Panels

Other factors that impact the price of solar panels – and the number of solar panels you need to purchase – include:

Geography & Latitude: If you live in a sunny area closer to the equator, then you need fewer solar panels than someone living at a northern latitude. The average 1,500 square foot home needs 15 to 20 panels, but some homes need far fewer panels because of their location, reducing solar panel costs significantly.  

Local Costs: The cost of installing solar panels varies widely from state to state based on shipping costs, local labor costs, and more. Generally, the average American pays $2.50 to $3.50 per watt. 

Your Roof: New homes may be set up for solar panel arrays – especially in sunbelt states. Older homes may require additional installation to accommodate solar panels. Some roofs are too steep, for example, while others have sunlight and other factors that impact the cost of solar panel installation and the number of panels you require. 

Type of Solar Panel System: Are you connecting your solar panels to the grid? Are you using a battery? Does your off-grid system need to completely power your home? Or are you able to rely on the grid for times your solar panels aren’t producing much energy? Based on the type of solar panel system, you may need far fewer – or far more – solar panels than the average 1,500 square foot home. 

Contact a Local Solar Panel Consultant 

You may need just ten solar panels to power a 1,500 square foot home. Or, you may need more than 30. Because of geographical differences and other factors, the required number of solar panels varies widely.

Consider requesting a consultation from a local solar panel consultant. Most local solar panel companies offer free estimates.

 During an estimate, the consultant will review your home’s energy usage, calculate the estimated amount of sunlight contacting your house daily, and determine the optimal number of solar panels to cover household consumption.

Final Word

The average American home is around 1,500 square feet and requires 15 to 20 solar panels to cover its daily electricity needs.

However, your solar panel needs may vary widely based on location, energy usage, solar panel quality, and other factors.

Request a free consultation from a solar panel company near you to determine the optimal number of solar panels for your home. 

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